Casting Machine - Neutec

Casting Machine - Neutec

Neutec® Flow Logic 610 / 615

The Neutec® 610 casting machine features a re-engineered control computer that improves the speed, efficiency and modularity of the machine. In addition, the 610 is built with the incredible advances in casting technology we call Flowlogic®--an exclusive combination of innovative new technologies. Flowlogic combines several control system developments with an integrated computer-controlled dynamic pressure system to provide consistency and flexibility to your casting processes that, until now, simply weren't possible.Because the pour is so dependably controlled, you can cast successfully at lower temperatures--ideal for stone-in-place casting processes.
Pressure Differential System--Maximizes pressure on the flask at the earliest possible moment as the pour begins. This allows you to further lower system temperatures to improve surface quality, reduce porosity and still achieve the best fill rate.
Flowlogic® Type-A System--An innovative patent-pending design shapes the flow of molten metal, reducing turbulence and random no-fills, and speeds the fill rate at lower temperatures, reducing shrinkage porosity.
Closed System--Metal is introduced to the crucible through a closed chute. The melting chamber is flooded with inert gas under constant positive pressure, stripping oxygen from the metal and forcing it up and out of the chute.
Flask Alignment System--This patent-pending system ensures such perfect alignment between the flask and the crucible that molten metal consistently achieves the desired "dead drop" to the bottom of your sprue.
Improved NeuSprue®--Designed with a button that dramatically reduces turbulence at the entry point, providing a smoother, faster metal flow, and a tip that further retards turbulence where the fill begins, these sprues are scientifically shaped to optimize metal solidification.
SuperPerf™ Flask--With nearly 50% of their surfaces perforated, these flasks significantly improve out-gassing, measurably improving fill rate on every flask tested.Other Benefits:
Water-Cooled Components--Internal water-cooling allows the cabinet to be completely sealed, minimizing the risk of damage caused by dust or humidity.
User-Friendly Digital Control Panel--Easy-to-see and easy-to-use Touch Screen Command Center puts control at your fingertips.
Minimized Metal-to-Investment Reaction--Lower temperatures made possible by Flowlogic reduce gas-generating reactions that can create defects in cast pieces.

Neutec J-zp / JZP Autocast

The Neutec J-zP induction casting machines deliver a cost-effective, high-performance casting system—no other machine in this price range comes close for rugged durability, low operating cost and top-quality castings. A benchtop induction caster with many of the features found in our larger models, the J-zP models are designed for small- to medium-sized shops and offer features usually found only in larger, far more costly casting machines. The J-zP casting machines are ideal casting machines for most shops and offer all the engineering, technology and benefits listed below. A wide range of accessories are available to help customize your machine to your needs. The J-zP™ model adds the advantage of Neutec's Dynamic Pressure System™, a system that applies a positive pressure that works with the vacuum draw to significantly increase fill-rates and reduce defects—especially in small details such as prongs and the lettering on class rings. The J-zP™ Autocast, in addition to DPS™, provides the convenience and accuracy of automation to your cast. When the metal reaches set-point, the J-zP Autocast automatically triggers the pressure and the pour—without operator intervention—at the optimal moment to ensure the best possible quality in your castings. Call us today, we'll help you create a system for your needs so that you can raise the capabilities of your casting operation.

Increased Fill Rate—Even For Fine Details:
A built-in Busch 15cfm vacuum pump helps ensure the best possible fill rates for all your castings—see fewer rejects and easier finishing.
Fast Cycle Times:
Casting cycles average about four minutes, or 15 flasks per hour. Dynamic Variable Compensation™ (in the J-zP models) and the Advanced Dynamic Computer™ (ADC) automatically produce the fastest, most efficient melting program for any alloy and any size load—time after time.
Low Reject Rates:
Porosity and other defects caused by oxidation are virtually eliminated by a closed-system nitrogen-gas atmosphere and a graphite crucible that absorbs oxygen dissolved in the metal.
Superior Stirring: With 18 turns on its induction coil, the J-z casting machine heats more quickly with a superior stirring capability that keeps the melt homogeneous up to the moment of the pour.
Large Flask Capacity When You Need It:
The J-z casting machines accept flasks up to 5" x 9". Take advantage of more opportunities—even cast small sculptures. This machine will also cast to a 3" diameter flask for smaller runs.
Extra-Roomy Crucible:
A 184cc graphite crucible, surprisingly large for a machine in this class, batch-alloys up to 2.7kg of 18K or casts up to 1.6kg at a time.
Make Your Own Grain—To Your Specifications:
The grain-making tank (included) lets you mix the karat and color grain you need, when you need it—and you can recycle your own scrap into clean, quality grain. The grain you produce is perfectly sized to deliver more metal capacity and faster melting times, too. Save time and money.
Perfectly Optimized Operating Temperature:
The water cooler stand houses a closed, self-contained cooling system that keeps the machine at optimum operating temperature all day.

J2R Series IV

For a fraction of the cost of any comparable machine, the Neutec J-2R delivers superior castings and greater production capacity. Manufactured using the best components available, this exceptional machine combines advanced technology with practical design to give you the casting capability you need today and well into the future. The J-2R is absolutely the easiest casting system to set up, use and maintain, and it delivers quality castings and outstanding operational reliability. You can be ready to cast again 6–8 minutes after each pour, keeping your production moving all day long.

The J-2R provides an oxygen-free atmosphere for the metal during melting and pouring to help eliminate oxidation. The large-volume graphite crucible also removes oxygen that may previously have been dissolved in the metal. This means fewer defects and lower reject rates. Cast at the optimum temperature for any design without overheating the metal. The J-2R measures the metal temperature in the center of the metal pool, giving you accurate casting temperatures. The crucible is a bottom-pour design, so there is very little drop in metal temperature from crucible to flask. After initial warm-up, the casting cycle time of the J-2R is a fast 6–8 minutes, depending on load size. The large-volume crucible holds 1004g of 14KY or 78g of sterling. The casting chamber accommodates flask sizes from 2-1/2" to 4" in diameter and up to 9" high. Simple to install and operate in only three square feet of bench space, the J-2R requires only that you set the temperature controller for the desired casting temperature, add the casting grain to the crucible, insert the flask and (when set temperature is reached) squeeze the casting lever.

The exclusive Neutec/USA® technology engineered into this machine gives it the time- and money-saving benefits you've come to expect from Neutec/USA. The benefits it delivers include:
• Easy installation and simple operation.
• More oxide-free, defect-free castings thanks to an advanced technology graphite crucible system that helps remove oxides from the metal, an oxygen-free atmosphere in both crucible and flask chambers.
• Dependable, repeatable results from precise temperature control.
• Interlocking consumables that protect the coil from metal spills
• Long-life coil design
• Fast, 6- to 8-minute cycle times.

• Roomy flask chamber accommodates flasks from 2-1/2"–4" diameter and up to 9" high. It swivels completely out from under the crucible chamber, making it easy to insert or remove
flasks or to service the machine.
• 60mm graphite crucible helps remove oxides from the metal without carbon contamination that can cause inclusions. It easily accommodates enough metal for large flasks yet also melts small loads efficiently.
• Built-in stirring rod ensures a homogeneous melt without having to open the unit. Temperature is maintained and the controlled atmosphere remains intact.
• Easy-read vacuum gauge and handle provide at-a-glance monitoring of vacuum pressure.
• Thermocouple is centered in the sealing rod to provide fast, accurate temperature readings.
• Digital temperature control produces accuracy you can see.
• Easy-squeeze lever starts the pour quickly and easily.
• Metal introduction door allows quick loading of the crucible.
• Resistance coil surrounds the crucible for maximum heat transfer and fast, effective melting.
• Space-saving, 18" x 18" footprint fits easily into any shop.
• Rugged, durable construction stands up to even the most demanding small shop.
• Includes one set of consumables to get you started immediately.
• CE certified; 1-year manufacturer's warranty on machine parts and labor.(03:56:34) Flow Logic 610 / 615